Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Once Were One: A Story Of Classmate

The day that we first met,
in my mind I still see,
you sitting in the class room, looking for some company.
I alone myself, sat down with you that day,
neither of us knowing what the hell to say.
But we got through the awkward times, and quickly came to be,
the best of friends to eachother, we could ever be.
The closer we grew, the more we left, the other world behind,
just me and you we jumped into a new place totally blind.
We prayed together our friendship forever, and always would stay the same,
but time has passed, only memories last, and little friendship remains.
WE ONCE WERE ONE! I screamed at you, I want my best friend back!
But we both realized at once it was that bond we lacked.
You think it doesn't hurt me, to see us back to two,
looking to my left and right to see there is no you.
But we both are moving on now, lets do it gracefully,
I hope our friendship still lives on in you memory.

Originally written by: Manda

I found this friendship poetry just now. I was so into it. It really touched me at the bottom of my heart. It reminds me of a school-friend of mine (it was... once). There were three of us. We were classmates Whenever and wherever, we are meant to be together. No matter where we go (to the cafeteria, laboratory, school-office, library, classes and etc.), we always go together. And some called us as "Three Musketeers".
But, this one (one of us)... I knew him before, he was such a pleasant guy. He cared for others. He cared for me. And every time when I was in trouble, he would not just ask what is the problem. Besides, he will think up something appropriate, and will do it for me. Oh, how great to have a friend like him, right? We always did online chatting with each other. We shared things and many more. But, unfortunately that was once. (ە˘_˘ە)

Nowadays, I found out that he no longer cares about me. I see that he no longer wants to be friend of mine. And as for my observation, he is such a choosy in friendship. He no longer contacts me. No longer text-messages me. I think, he has forgot me, for sure. I don't know if I got this wrong, maybe this only my self-side feeling. But, that was what I observed.

I am really sad with what had happened. But I will never forget him though. I never regret that I was once had a friend like him. He as a friendship will always stay in my memory. And I think, he is no longer my friend. He is only my ex-classmate. Whatever happened, I always hope that he will always happy/have fun/have a nice day in his life. And, I hope he will always success in pursuing his dreams. Plus, I will never forget his good offices. So long...

Mohiz M. Faiz


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