Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who VS Whom

Many English speakers do not know the difference between who and whom. In some places, it hardly matters, because using who when you should use whom is so common that it's not even considered much of a mistake. But for those who want to know the difference between who and whom, here is an explanation.


Who is an interrogative pronoun and is used in place of the subject of a question.

Who is going?

Who are you?

Is this who told you?

Who can also be used in statements, in place of the subject of a clause.

This is who warned me.

Jack is the one who wants to go.

Anyone who knows the truth should tell us.


Whom is also an interrogative pronoun, but it is used in place of the object of a question.

Whom is this story about?

With whom are you going?

Whom did they tell?

And whom can be used in statements, in place of the object of a clause.

This is the man whom I told you about.

John is the man whom you met at dinner last week.

Whom is always the correct choice after a preposition.

The students, one of whom is graduating this year, failed the test.

Lisa is the girl with whom I'm driving to Maine.

The Bottom Line

The difference between who and whom is exactly the same as the difference between I and me, he and him, she and her, etc. Who, like I, he, and she, is a subject - it is the person performing the action of the verb. Whom, like me, him, and her, is an object - it is the person to/about/for whom the action is being done. Whom is also the correct choice after a preposition: with whom, one of whom, not "with who, one of who."

Sometimes it helps to rewrite the sentence and/or replace who/whom with another pronoun so that you can see the relationships more clearly.

This is who warned me > He warned me (not "him" warned me)

Jack is the one who wants to go > He wants to go (not "him" wants to go)

This is the man whom I told you about > I told you about him (not about "he")

Lisa is the girl with whom I'm driving to Maine > I'm driving to Maine with her (not with "she")

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Sunday, May 8, 2011


M is for the million things she gives me.
O means only that she's soft to hold.
T for the things she tries to teach me.
H is for her heart of purest gold.
E for her eyes with love light shining.
R means right and right she'll always be.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever."
~Author Unknown

"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child."
~Sophia Loren, Women and Beauty

During this mother's day, I would like to wish my beloved mama, happy mother's day. May Allah bless you always. I wanted to express my deep love to you. I would like to apology as I always make wrongdoings to you. I love you very much, mama! Only Allah knows.

Inspiring Story: Mother And His Son

A little boy came up to his mother in the kitchen one evening while she was fixing supper, and handed her a piece of paper that he had been writing on. After his Mom dried her hands on an apron, she read it, and this is what it said:

For cutting the grass: $5.00
For cleaning up my room this week: $1.00
For going to the store for you: $.50
Baby-sitting my kid brother while you went shopping: $.25
Taking out the garbage: $1.00
For getting a good report card: $5.00
For cleaning up and raking the yard: $2.00
Total owed: $14.75

Well, his mother looked at him standing there, and the boy could see the memories flashing through her mind. She picked up the pen, turned over the paper he’d written on, and this is what she wrote:

For the nine months I carried you while you were growing inside me:
No Charge

For all the nights that I’ve sat up with you, doctored and prayed for you:
No Charge

For all the trying times, and all the tears that you’ve caused through the years:
No Charge

For all the nights that were filled with dread, and for the worries I knew were ahead:
No Charge

For the toys, food, clothes, and even wiping your nose:
No Charge

Son, when you add it up, the cost of my love is:
No Charge.

When the boy finished reading what his mother had written, there were big tears in his eyes, and he looked straight at his mother and said, “Mom, I sure do love you.” And then he took the pen and in great big letters he wrote: “PAID IN FULL”.

*You will never how much your parents worth till you become a parent
*Be a giver not an asker, especially with your parents. there is a lot to give, besides money.

IF your mom/dad is alive and close to you, give her/him a big kiss and ask her/his for forgiveness. If she/he is far away, call her/him. if she/he passed away, pray for her/him.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Haircut To Look Fat

I've been to three situations where people said that "you put on some weight" whenever after I did my haircut. Some said that they can hardly see my cheek bones anymore. Well, I came across an article from a magazine entitled Maskulin. It was in the Q&A section. I would like to share it. Here it is:

Every time I cut my hair short, there will always people keep saying that I look more chubby than before. It is awkward because my weight doesn't change or gain at all. Is there any tips to avoid this from happening?

It is very usual that men will look more chubby after they cut their hair short, especially cheeks, will look more chubby than usual. Easy and effective ways to avoid this situation, are by not shaving your sideburns, beard and mustaches.
Adapted from:
Magazine, Vol.115/April 2011.

Translated by:

Indeed, I agree with it. Thus, whoever wants to avoid from people saying like that, try this.

P.S.: Whoever wants to gain weight or wants to look fat, try to cut your hair short, and shave everything. (^_^)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A to Z Friend...

I found this A to Z Friend from an inspirational story web. It really interests me. I would to share it and dedicate it to all my best friends.

(A)ccepts you as you are
(B)elieves in "you"
(C)alls you just to say "HI"
(D)oesn't give up on you
(E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
(F)orgives your mistakes
(G)ives unconditionally
(H)elps you
(I)nvites you over
(J)ust "be" with you
(K)eeps you close at heart
(L)oves you for who you are
(M)akes a difference in your life
(N)ever Judges
(O)ffer support
(P)icks you up
(Q)uiets your fears
(R)aises your spirits
(S)ays nice things about you
(T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it
(U)nderstands you
(V)alues you
(W)alks beside you
(X)-plains thing you don't understand
(Y)ells when you won't listen and
(Z)aps you back to reality

Monday, May 2, 2011


Just now, I went to see my old friend. It has been a very long time ago since our last met. He was so surprised. "Hey, you look slim! What is your secret?" he asked. Actually, this kind of question has been asked to me several times ago. Thus, I decided to share what I did and how I managed to lose weight. It is not a secret anymore.

There are many tips that I've tried in order to lose my weight. I'm dying to be slim. So, these are few things that I practiced:

1) Set your goal: In order to gain or achieve something, setting your goal is a very important thing. It plays a very important role in order to make your first step to achieve something. In this matter, you want to lose weight. Thus, set your goal that you really want to lose weight and you will try the best and give all out to lose your weight.

2) Weigh yourself before starting your diet programme:

Secondly, you must weigh yourself before start your diet programme. This is to ensure that you can monitor your progress.

3) Watch what you eat:

Next, you will need to watch what you eat. As this cartoon said, it is very important to have a balanced diet. Please avoid eating high calorie foods. For instances cakes, ice-cream, candy and many more.

4) No junk food:
Junk food is not good for your health. Thus, avoid this kind of foods. Such as burger, french fries, and many more. Almost every junk food is high in calorie and cholesterol. Plus, they are also added with mono-sodium glutamate (MSG), a kind of food-additive which is not good for your health. I can't explain the details of this MSG because it is not my profession. You can search it in the internet though, in order to know about it. Well, I know.

5) Go for low-calorie/healthy snacks:

There are many kind of low-calorie/healthy snacks nowadays in stores. There are many brands that you all can choose. If you love to eat biscuits, try to search for whole-grain or low-calorie one. If you like potato chips, try to find trans-fat free, or with no added MSG. If you like to eat snack bars, you can also find healthy snack bars in stores nowadays. Try to find one. Please avoid the one with high sugar content. You can also try yogurt as your snack.

6) Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits:

Vegetables might be not that delicious for many people, especially for youngsters. But, you need to know that vegetables are really good for your health and you must start to love it since young. I myself usually didn't like vegetables. But if you try to love it, you will love it. For examples carrot, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes and many more. I'm not going to list it here. But, green vegetables are recommended.
As for fruits, many people may love fruits but, there are also many people made a mistake in choosing fruits. Fruits that I really recommended are apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

7) Don't waste your calorie for drinks:

Many people nowadays really love to drink sweet drinks which are high in sugar content. One big example is teh tarik (literally "pulled tea"). This is not a good habit as this kind of drinks contain high quantity in condensed milk, which is high in calorie thus will make you gain weight. I only drink plain hot/warm water. That is really recommended. You can drink coffee, but don't add sugar. Well, some said that you need sugar (glucose) in your body. But, you didn't notice that what you eat also contains sugar. So, no more need it in your drinks.

8) Workout:

There are many workouts that can be done. If you are too lazy to go to the gymnasium, try to do it in your own house. Actually, I'm not really a kind of person who loves to go to the gymnasium. As for me, I bought body twister disc. It can be done in your own room. It works for your legs, waist, chest and also hands. I also used to walk for about 30 minutes a day. Besides that, I also dance. Put on some pop dance songs, so that you can dance to the beat. It makes you sweat. Try it.

Well, I guess that's all what I've practiced. The result is, my weight can be as lowest as 65kgs and my maximum weight it up to 70kgs. Compared to last time, I weighed 86kgs. So, how many did I loss? You can count it people. Last time, my waist is 38 inches, and now my waist is 32 inches. Alhamdulillah, I'm happy with this result. My effort finally paid off.

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