Thursday, May 5, 2011

Haircut To Look Fat

I've been to three situations where people said that "you put on some weight" whenever after I did my haircut. Some said that they can hardly see my cheek bones anymore. Well, I came across an article from a magazine entitled Maskulin. It was in the Q&A section. I would like to share it. Here it is:

Every time I cut my hair short, there will always people keep saying that I look more chubby than before. It is awkward because my weight doesn't change or gain at all. Is there any tips to avoid this from happening?

It is very usual that men will look more chubby after they cut their hair short, especially cheeks, will look more chubby than usual. Easy and effective ways to avoid this situation, are by not shaving your sideburns, beard and mustaches.
Adapted from:
Magazine, Vol.115/April 2011.

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Indeed, I agree with it. Thus, whoever wants to avoid from people saying like that, try this.

P.S.: Whoever wants to gain weight or wants to look fat, try to cut your hair short, and shave everything. (^_^)


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