Saturday, March 28, 2009

Driving-test Day: Worth Long Waiting For

26th of March 2009.

Assalamualaikum and good day, guys.

Guess what, guys? I passed my driving-test! Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah ta'ala. You know what, the few days before the driving-test day, I was very afraid, that I hardly ate. I lost my appetite. And I was having butterflies in my stomach. But, alhamdulillah, it was all went through as smooth as silk. Just wanna let you guys know, I went to the driving-school at 8.00 a.m., and my name was announced at about 10.45 a.m.. Fuuhh, it was a really long wait. And I started my driving-test at nearly 1.00 p.m.. I was the 179th driving-test candidates. While I was waiting for my turn, I watched the other candidates doing their driving-test. Some had passed it, and some had failed. While I was watching them, my heart beat so fast. I was very afraid, and it worried me so much. At about 1.00pm, my number was announced. And I had to start my driving-test now. The part that I was afraid so much is the mendaki bukit part. I had to drive and make sure the car's front tyres are on the yellow line. That was a very challenging part though. But I know that I had practice many time and I will try my best. And, there you go... I passed. (*^_^*) After that, I had to do the parking test. This part is simple, if you follow all the step-by-step correctly. And alhamdulillah, I made it successfully. After all was done, I had to take the driving-test form to the registration counter, and I had to wait again, for the on-the-road test.

I began the on-the-road test at about 1.30 pm. Frankly speaking, I hate my tester. He hardly smiled, hardly talked and I hate the way he gave me his look. Like a lion.... hehe. He thinks that he is handsome enough, HAH???? Urrghh... whatever. As long as I passed the test. Hahaha.

One thing that is proven today is, "practice makes perfect". This idiom is true. The more you practice, the better you will become. And, the better you can do. And it always takes time for you to practice to be perfect. We human-being could not be perfect, but at least try to be one. And we must be patient in everything. And today, I learned that patience is always worth everything.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day. I am really glad to share with you all, guys. Later then... bubbye. (*^_^*)

Mohiz MFM


Corey Alias said...

Congrats Mohiz! yeah practise make perfect.. all your patience, hard work and confidence finally paid off. So this means one day you could be my tour guide when i decide to spend holiday in your state hehe

Mohiz MFM said...

Hye, Corey. Thank you so much. Your tour guide? Oh, I would love to. Hehe, so when are you coming here? Hehe. (^_^)

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