Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shopaholic... Am I?

Nowadays, I perceived that I really love shopping and frittering my savings just in order to purchase things that I covet instead of what I necessitate. Am I a shopaholic? Oh no!!! Please, don't! Hahak!

What is shopaholic, anyway? Shopaholic, in other word is 'compulsive buying disorder'. In point of fact, this kind of etiquette is not good. It is wasting of money. If you go to shopping mall, just get a hold of what you want in its place of getting a hold of what you want. Sometimes, you don't really need it. Am I right? Hehe.

However, as for me, shopping is one of my leisure pursuits. In my point of view, it is quite okay if you go shopping, just in order to spend times together with your loved ones, or just for relaxation. But please go easy with it. Don't overspend because it will surely give you certain side upshots. (^_^)

Any tips in overcoming this etiquette? Hahak! Maybe before you go to a shopping, don't bring too much cash. It will cost you a lot if you bring a load of it.


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