Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Familiarity of Construction Working Life (Practical Training)

Last May 2012, the writer has been given the occasion to be a practical trainee in one of the contractor companies. The five-month-period practical training has been accomplished at RBS Engineering Sdn. Bhd. The purpose of practical training is as one of the requisites in order to obtain Diploma in Building. Alhamdulillah everything was as smooth as silk and the writer has been successfully finished the practical training in October 2012.

There were lots of experiences gained from the beneficial training. The undergrads can get to know the real life in construction work. The writer would like to express his gratitude to those who helped a lot during his practical training. Only Allah can bless their collaboration.

Yours faithfully,
Mohiz M. Faiz
(Tuesday, 18th of December 2012, 12:57AM)


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