Friday, January 4, 2013

Perfect, Is It A Compulsion To Counsel Others?

A few months ago, the author talked to one of his acquaintances about advising others. For instance, counseling others regarding solah. Nevertheless, the acquaintance said to the author that if he was in the author's shoes, he would not dare enough to do so because of imperfection. In the author's point of view, lacking does not mean that we can't counsel others towards betterment and virtue. The author asked for opinions from three ustaz.

The first opinion from Ustaz Supani, stated:
"That wasn't right. We advice others when we see they wrong-do, while when they saw our wrongdoings, they will have to counsel us. That was Prophet's command."
 The second opinion from Ustaz Saidi Adnan, stated:
"Prophet's hadith stated that we need to counsel others' wrongdoings. This hadith is general and it is not specified to those who are perfect only. If we saw wrongdoings, it will be a necessity to comment with hikmah."
The third opinion from Ustaz Zahirwan, stated:
  "You have to comment others because nobody's perfect. Your act was right. Don't give up. In da'wah, there will be a lot of challenges."
During this opportunity, the author would like to express his gratitude to those ustaz. May Allah bless them always. Amin.


Yours faithfully,
Mohiz M. Faiz
(Friday, 4th of January 2013, 1:40PM)



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