Sunday, March 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum, and good morning all.

Anyway.... wow! I can get through the wi-fi this morning. Well, what do you expect, uh? Sunday in the weekend, at 7:00AM. What is everybody doing at this moment? Well, you know what. Actually, I usually do that too. I'm not that kind of morning person. Every morning, I wake up for subuh prayer (that is a must), then after that I will lie on my bed, listening to music, pretending myself not sleeping and trying myself NOT TO SLEEP. But as the music sway me, I realized that I am somewhere else. Hahaha! Well, usually every weekdays after subuh I will relax myself before I start off the day with my packed schedules. During weekends, it depends on where am I. If I am at home during weekend, I will usually not to continue to sleep as I have a lot of interesting things to do. For instance, watching television, jogging, cycling, exercising in my gym (my room actually), preparing breakfast and the most interesting thing to do is having breakfast with my loved ones, mama and papa. After that, we will have a nice time shopping at Pekan Sabtu. That will always be a lovely day. That's why I used to go home during weekends. But not every weekends. Once in a two-week will do. I will stop here first. Insya-Allah I will write more if I have the time, and only if I can get through the wi-fi. See ya everybody. Have a nice weekend and may Allah bless us as always. Good day. Assalamualaikum. (^_^)

Yours sincerely,
Mohiz M. Faiz

(20th of March 2011,


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