Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Story of A Forgotten Son

One day, a father told his youngest boy, that he once lived alone. He has 2 siblings. Altogether, there were three of them. But the father lived alone. His mother loved the second child more, while his father loved the eldest. So, the father stood by himself. Nobody cared much for him.

The boy starts to ponder, he thinks that he is facing the same experience. He also lives by himself. His father cares the 2 elders more. If the boy makes only a simple mistake, he will be scolded more by his father, and his father will get angry. But if the 2 brothers make a big mistake, forgiveness is always be to them. But what makes a difference is, the boy's mother cares for him much. Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, that at least he has someone that cares for him. (^_^)

The best thing for the boy is, he needs to be an independent boy. He must start a new life of his own. So, he will make a move. Perhaps, leaving for studies.

Mohiz M. Faiz


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